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Chain and Wire Rope Bridles
Chain Sling.jpg
Chain Shoring Bridle
Wire Rope Shoring Bridle

Trench shoring bridles are necessary When placing or removing shoring at your jobsite. Wire Rope and chain bridles are the most commonly used for lifting trench shoring cages or shoring boxes.  We custom make these bridles to suit your needs. Each trench shoring bridle comes with an identification tag, and a certificate of conformance.

Wire rope slings have the following qualities:

  • better at abrasion resistance than their web and round sling counterparts.

  • Cheaper than Chain Slings

  • easier to notice flaws or damage to a wire rope sling over a chain sling.

  • Weigh less than a chain sling of comparable working load limit (WLL).

  • Each wire rope sling is stamped and/or tagged with a Working Load Limit (WLL), size & length, our initials BWR, identification code, and method of lift (Vertical, Choker, Basket).

  • Never exceed the Working Load Limit. 

Lock n Lift.jpg

         Lock-N-Lift Tools are not to be used for side pull or push.  If the tools are dragged or pushed to the side or along the ground while in a steel trench plate, stress will develop on the ankle part of the tool causing foot breakage and/or the center plate to become pinched.  If a tool is abused in this fashion, tool life will be shortened.

         The Model 750 Tool is designed to be used with a shackle only and must be inserted into a Lock-N-Lift #500B weld plate. It may be used with a chain or anchor shackle. 

           Model #750 Specifications

Dimensions: 3″L x 2-1/4″ W x 4″H

Weight: 3.75 Pounds

Material: AISI 4330 Chrome-Moly Steel

Heat Treatment: Normalize, Quench & Temper

Working Load Limit: 8,000 pounds

Safety Factor: 5:1 minimum

How to use a Lock N Lift

         Model #800 tools have been in use since 1988 throughout North America eliminating the need for pry bars, installation tools or thread cleaning when moving and storing road plates.

         The Model #800 tool maximizes worker safety by eliminating the need to ever put a hand, foot or any tooling under a road plate, even during the installation of the weld-in plate.

         The Model #800 has an elongated attachment hole, making it possible to lift road plates using either a hook or a chain shackle.

         The Model #800 tool is made in the USA from the best available aircraft quality AISI 4340 steel. The tools are heat treated to provide a safe working load of 8,000 pounds with a 5:1 safety factor.

Model #800
Model 800 Lock N Lift.jpg
How to use the Model 800 Lock N Lift clamp
800 how to.jpg
Starcon Logo.jpg

The STARCON Lifting Eye is a special steel component made for concrete casting. The spherical claw, grips on to the head below the STARCON head anchor. The STARCON lifting eye has been tensile tested with 2 times of the safe load. Each STARCON lifting eye is marked with article number, identification number and load group. 

Max. working temperature: 200°C.
Surface: Electro-Galvanized (blue zinc).
Standard: CEN15728 / BV-BS 6205.

  • Material: Alloy steel.

  • Marking: Load group, STARCON, batch code, CE.

  • Safety factor: 4:1

Dimensions and weights
Starcon Lifting Eye.jpg
Double Hook Assemblies

Double hook assemblies or handcuffs, are a great setup for excavators. These assemblies take away the need to constantly connect and disconnect a shackle to your excavator bucket. Handcuff chain slings are far easier to disconnect, and they store nicely in the cab of your excavator or truck. Assemblies are custom made to order at any length required.

Working Load Limit for these are as follows:

3/8" = 8,800lbs @ 90deg.

1/2" = 15,000lbs @ 90deg.

5/8" = 22,600lbs @ 90deg.

CAT Chain Sling.jpg
Hook & Shackle (EBH)

Hook & Shackle assemblies are meant for direct installation into the excavator bucket. Long reach shackles have a wider opening compared to a regular anchor shackle to better accommodate the wide lug on your bucket. If the long reach shackle is too wide, you should use washers to center the hook & shackle. This will reduce the risk of a catastrophic failure. 

Below are the hook and shackle combinations with their Working Load Limit:

8,800lbs. = 3/4" Long Reach Shackle with a 3/8" Swivel Self-Locking Hook.

15,000lbs. = 1" Long Reach Shackle with 1/2" Swivel Self-Locking Hook.

22,600lbs. = 1-1/4" Long Reach Shackle with a 5/8" Swivel Self-Locking Hook. 

For more information, contact one of our sales representatives.

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