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Weld-On Attachments

Below are some weldable options we carry for your needs. These products can be welded on any steel surface. We recommend you hire a fully licensed welder. 

Weld-On Grab Hook

  • Weld-On Grab Hooks are designed to be welded onto equipment for a quick and easy chain attachment point.

  • Great for welding on tow truck decks, excavator or backhoe buckets

  • NOT to be used for lifting!!!

WeldOn Hook.png
Weld On Grab Hook.jpg

Forged Weld-On Excavator Hook

  • Forged Alloy Steel.

  • Has a heavy duty latch that interlocks with the tip of the hook.

  • Latch kit is hardened and tempered with handles for easy opening.

  • Suitable for welding on to spreader and lifting beams.

  • Perfect for welding on to excavator bucket.

  • Hooks are individually proof-tested to 3 time the Working Load Limit.

  • Base is ready for welding.

  • Crosby available from 1 tonne up to 10 metric tonnes

  • Gunnebo available from 0.75 metric tonnes up to 20 metric tonnes.

  • Design Factor 5:1

Gunnebo WeldOn.jpg

     Click image for welding instructions!!!

Forged Pad Eyes

  • Forged  Steel- Quenched & Tempered.

  • Forged from C1035 Carbon Steel

  • Domestic and Import made.

  • Self-Coloured Finish.

  • Not rated for overhead lifting.

  • Stock Crosby and Vanguard Steel Brands.

Pad Eye.jpg

Click image for specifications

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