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Polyester Round Slings

Round Sling .jpg

NEVER exceed the Working Load Limit (WLL)


  • Excellent resistance to ultra-violet rays, rot and mildew.

  • Lightweight, easy to handle, store and clean.

  • No loss of strength when used in water

  • Only 3% elongation.

  • Resistant to acids, not resistant to heavy concentrations of alkalis.

  • Non-sewn edge on cover, solid tube construction.

Rejection Criteria per ASME B30.9

  • Acid or caustic burns

  • Evidence of heat damage

  • Holes, tears, cuts, abrasive wear or snags that expose the core yarns

  • Broken or damaged core yarns

  • Weld splatter that exposes any core yarns

  • Discoloration and brittle or stiff areas on any part of the slings, which may mean chemical or other damage

  • the tag is missing or is not legible

Polyester Web Slings

Types 3 & 4 with Reinforced Eyes

Web Slings.png

Single Ply

Double Ply









Web Sling Chart.png

NEVER exceed the Working Load Limit (WLL)

Single ply slings are not a stocking item. Available on special order.

  • All 2", 3", 4" web slings have reinforced tapered eyes.

  • Every sling has a rubber tag in accordance to ASME B30.9 specifications.

  • Working temperature range of -40C to +90C

  • Made in Canada.

Gr 100 chain.jpg
Chain Load Limit Chart.png

Wire Rope Slings

Wire rope slings have the following qualities:

  • better at abrasion resistance than their web and round sling counterparts.

  • Cheaper than Chain Slings

  • easier to notice flaws or damage to a wire rope sling over a chain sling.

  • Weigh less than a chain sling of comparable working load limit (WLL).

  • Each wire rope sling is stamped and/or tagged with a Working Load Limit (WLL), size & length, our initials BWR, identification code, and method of lift (Vertical, Choker, Basket).

  • Never exceed the Working Load Limit. 

  Single Leg         (Pigtail)
Wire Rope Sling
Choker with bell & knob
Wire Rope Pipe Sling
2 Leg Bridle
3 Leg Bridle
4 Leg Bridle

WLL Chart for Single & 2 Leg

Load ratings are in Tons (1 Ton = 2,000lbs.)

WLL Chart Wire rope Single and 2 leg.png
WLL Charty Wire Rope 3 and 4 leg.png
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