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       We have a new product line available for our customers. The STARCON Lifting eyes.  These lifting devices are used in the underground utility services industry for lifting concrete pipes, catch basins, and sumps. The STARCON lifting eyes lock into the head anchor for a safer and more secure lifting point.

       Below is a description of the characteristics of the lifting eyes and a selection of sizes to choose from. These are an easier and safer way for you to work.

The STARCON Lifting Eye is a special steel component made for concrete casting. The spherical claw, grips on to the head below the STARCON head anchor. The STARCON lifting eye has been tensile tested with 2 times of the safe load. Each STARCON lifting eye is marked with article number, identification number and load group. 

Max. working temperature: 200°C.
Surface: Electro-Galvanized (blue zinc).
Standard: CEN15728 / BV-BS 6205.

  • Material: Alloy steel.

  • Marking: Load group, STARCON, batch code, CE.

  • Safety factor: 4:1

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Dimensions and weights