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Tirfor Cables &
Tirfor Jacks

Tirfor cables work in conjunction with many manual wire rope pullers. We make these cables to length but do have 60ft. and 100ft. cables normally in stock. Each cable is made with an eye one end, while the other end is brazed and tapered to make feeding the wire rope into your Tirfor jack easier. We can put almost any style of hook into the eye end of a Tirfor cable.                                 to see what hook options are available.


Wire Rope Tirfors are an economical option for high lifts, or if the distance covered is substantial, as they can accommodate any length of wire rope.

Wire Rope Tirfors can be used horizontally, vertically, or at any other angle, as well as at any height or distance.

Wire Rope Tirfors require no power source, so these machines are ideal for construction sites. It takes just one person to operate a cable puller machine, using a telescopic handle. They are also compact, so they can fit into tight corners.

Wire rope Tirfors are commonly used to hold up concrete pre-forms, to stabilize scaffolding, or in the fire rescue field to stabilize and/or recover vehicles. 

Tirfor Cable.jpg

Model T-7

Lifting Capacity: 1650 lb. (750 kg.)
Pulling Capacity: 2750 lb. (1250 kg.)
Wire Rope Size: 5/16 in. (8 mm.)
Unit Weight: 17.6 lb. (8 kg.)
Overall Length: 19.5 in. (50cm)


Model T-13

Lifting Capacity: 3300 lb. (1500 kg.)
Pulling Capacity: 5500 lb. (2500 kg.)
Wire Rope Size: 7/16 in. (12 mm.)
Unit Weight: 48 lb. (22 kg.)
Overall Length: 24.5 in. (62cm)


Model T-35

Lifting Capacity: 6600 lb. (3000 kg.)
Pulling Capacity: 11,000 lb. (5000 kg.)
Wire Rope Size: 5/8 in. (16 mm.)
Unit Weight: 68 lb. (31 kg.)
Overall Length: 28.3 in. (72cm)

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