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Foot Tracks on Sand
Model #750

         Lock-N-Lift Tools are not to be used for side pull or push.  If the tools are dragged or pushed to the side or along the ground while in a steel trench plate, stress will develop on the ankle part of the tool causing foot breakage and/or the center plate to become pinched.  If a tool is abused in this fashion, tool life will be shortened.

         The Model 750 Tool is designed to be used with a shackle only and must be inserted into a Lock-N-Lift #500B weld plate. It may be used with a chain or anchor shackle. 


for welding instructions please click image

           Model #750 Specifications

Dimensions: 3″L x 2-1/4″ W x 4″H

Weight: 3.75 Pounds

Material: AISI 4330 Chrome-Moly Steel

Heat Treatment: Normalize, Quench & Temper

Working Load Limit: 8,000 pounds

Safety Factor: 5:1 minimum

How to use the Model 750 Lock N Lift clamp
Model #800

         Model #800 tools have been in use since 1988 throughout North America eliminating the need for pry bars, installation tools or thread cleaning when moving and storing road plates.

         The Model #800 tool maximizes worker safety by eliminating the need to ever put a hand, foot or any tooling under a road plate, even during the installation of the weld-in plate.

         The Model #800 has an elongated attachment hole, making it possible to lift road plates using either a hook or a chain shackle.

         The Model #800 tool is made in the USA from the best available aircraft quality AISI 4340 steel. The tools are heat treated to provide a safe working load of 8,000 pounds with a 5:1 safety factor.

Model 800 Lock N Lift.jpg
How to use the Model 800 Lock N Lift clamp
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PICA Chains

These single leg PICA chain slings are ideal for lifting steel road plates.

  • Very convenient and easy to use.

  • Made to order.

Always ensure the safety latch kit is in good working condition to avoid potential risk of injury. 

These single leg chain can also be made with a shackle on the bottom that connects directly to the Lock N Lift 750 Road Plate Clamp.

Working Load Limits (WLL) for these chains are:

3/8" = 8,800lbs @ 90deg.

1/2" = 15,000lbs @ 90deg.

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