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Green-scape Trellises

Bison Wire Rope Trellis Systems are designed to transform buildings fascias, fences, and walls into a modern and thriving green-scape. We use marine grade stainless materials to create a long lasting trellis for your enjoyment.  Our trellis systems can anchor into wood, metal, or concrete.

Bison Wire Rope Trellis Systems are a great way to add greenery and beauty to your residential or commercial property.

We have great partners who assist in the design and installation of our trellis systems.

Trellis 1.jpg

The Grey

W16th Street

Vancouver, BC Canada

Cable Railings

We make cables for both interior and exterior hand railings for commercial, industrial, and residential applications. We carry a variety of different end fittings to suit a number of designs. Bison Wire Rope Railing Cable Systems are low-maintenance so you can enjoy your views off your deck, patio, or balcony. Our staff have extensive knowledge and experience to ensure you get the best fit and look for your cable railing needs.

    We offer both domestic (USA) and import products to suit your budget and desired look.


Below are photos of past projects we have made and/or installed cables


Vedder Bridge
Johnson Street Bridge
Richmond, BC
Richmond, BC
Office railing cable
Phillips Ave. Overpass
North Vancouver, BC
Home Staircase

To see what fittings we have to offer, click on our supplier logos below.

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QMH Logo.jpg
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