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     Welcome to Bison Wire Rope

Industries We Serve

We offer a wide variety of products to a number of industries in the Lower Mainland. Below is a listing of what industries we serve with a brief description of the goods we sell.

To find out more about the products we sell for each industry, click on the industries image.

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Automotive Hoist - replacement cables for a variety of hoists including Hoffman, Ben Pak, Rotary,  and Acanus.

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Construction - Lifting Chain Slings, Web Slings, Gloves, Tag lines, Shackles, Lifting Eyes, Crane Lines,  Pigtail Bridles

Disposal - replacing cables, wrap chains to secure roll-off bins, repair latch kits on hooks, tarp pull rope.

Excavation Icon.png

Excavation & Shoring - Double hook assemblies (Handcuffs), Weld-on Hooks, Shackles, Wire Rope Slings, Chains, Bucket Hook assemblies.

Film - Eyebolts, black rope, studio chain, shackles,  black anodized cable,  Felco cutters, copper & aluminum sleeves, rigging blocks, wrap straps and much more....

Marine Icon.png

Marine - pennant lines, towing bridles, anchor chain, mooring chain, shackles, are just a few of the items we offer.

Mobile Crane - Chain Slings, Web Slings, Polyester Endless Round Slings, Shackles, Re-certification of chain slings.

Towing Icon.png

Towing - winch lines, securement chains, tow bridles.

Transportation - tie-down straps and chains for load securement, Load-binders, winch lines on Landoll trailers.

Proud distributors of :

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