Wire rope slings have the following qualities:

  • better at abrasion resistance than their web and round sling counterparts.

  • Cheaper than Chain Slings

  • easier to notice flaws or damage to a wire rope sling over a chain sling.

  • Weigh less than a chain sling of comparable working load limit (WLL).

  • Each wire rope sling is stamped and/or tagged with a Working Load Limit (WLL), size & length, our initials BWR, identification code, and method of lift (Vertical, Choker, Basket).

  • Never exceed the Working Load Limit. 

  Single Leg       (Pigtail)
Wire Rope Sling
Wire Rope Choker
Wire Rope Pipe Sling
2 Leg Bridle
3 Leg Bridle
4 Leg Bridle