Mason Line

  • Ties easily and knots securely.

  • Excellent resistance to abrasion, UV, mildew, rot, Petroleum products and most chemicals.

  • Used commonly in construction, paving, and utility industries.

  • Available in an 8oz. tube

  • Sold singly or in a box of 12.

  • Stock in Yellow and neon yellow. Other colors available upon request.

027007 Synthetic Tying Twine

  • Lighter than sisal twine and easier to handle.

  • Resists breakdown from moisture.

  • Made from parallel, untwisted monofilament polypropylene fibers bound
    together in a spiral jacket.

  • Resists fraying and unraveling after cutting.

  • White in color.

  • Comes in 9.5lb boxes or 4 boxes in a case.

  • Tensile of 250lbs. (155lbs. knotted)

Sisal Binder Twine

  • Made from natural agave fibre.

  • Biodegradeable.

  • Forms strong knots.

  • Available in 4.5lb and 5lb. balls

  • Sold in case of 10 balls.