Fleece colored rags are a very good all-purpose and low cost wiper.  These wipes have excellent absorbent characteristics which makes them a great rag for use in cleaning heavy liquid spills. Great at picking up water, grease, oil and chemical spills.

     These rags are also good to use to polish furniture or vehicles.

Available in 10lb. and 25lb. bags.

Other package sizes available upon request.

Polo Coloured

      Polo colored rags are soft, absorbent, low-lint wipers made from cotton T-shirts and other knit apparel. An excellent general purpose wiper. 

     These rags are good at wiping up water, grease & oil, and chemical spills.

Available in 25lb. bags.

Other package sizes available upon request.

White Ganzie

Made from fine white cotton knits, this soft, absorbent, low-lint wiper is excellent for general clean up or dyeing applications, where colour running or transfer is a concern. The choice of painters, auto body repair shops, furniture finishing, stone countertop producers, or for any general cleaning application.

  • Available in 25lb bags.

  • other bag sizes available upon request.

Ganzie White Rags.jpg