Grade 100 Chain

  • Made from alloy steel.

  • 25% Stronger than the Grade 80 Alloy Lifting Chain.

  • Embossed with manufacturer initials and 10 (grade).

  • Black painted finish to inhibit rusting.

  • Rated for overhead lifting.

  • Meets the latest guidelines of the National Association of Chain Manufacturers (NACM). ASTM A952/A952M and ASTM A973/A973M. 

Load Rating Chart

Grade 100 Chain Sling Chart.png

      Grade 100 Lifting Chains are custom made to order. Each chain sling comes with a steel identification tag with the date of manufacture, Reach of chain sling, the type of chain as shown below, the Working Load Limit, angle of lift, date of annual inspection, and an identification number unique to that chain sling.


     We custom make single leg, double leg, 3 and even 4 leg chain slings.  To determine what chain will work best for your application call our sales desk.  They will be happy to fit you with the proper chain for your lifting needs.

     We also inspect and certify your existing chain slings.

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TYPES of Lifting Chain Slings

       SOSL           SOG            SOF          SSSL          SGSL          ASOSL       ASOF          ASOG
     DOSL                     DOG                           DOF                        ADOSL                  ADOG
     TOSL                     TOG                                                  QOSL                     QOG